Archived on 6/5/2022

Map Of London And Its Suburbs 1878

13 Feb '21
Stanford’s Geological Library Map Of London And Its Suburbs 1878
Stanford’s Library Map Of London And Its Suburbs 1878, With Geological Colouring. Forest Hill area.

14 Feb '21

Thanks for posting this - what a lovely clear map of our area, fascinating.

14 Feb '21

This is excellent. I have seen a few old maps of the area but I don’t think I’ve seen this one. Interesting to see how the road/street names have evolved.

15 Feb '21

I can spend hours on the National Library of Scotland’s Georeferenced maps. You can choose to overlay many different types of map and from different dates.

NLS Maps

15 Feb '21

That’s fantastic - well worth a look. Thank for posting.

15 Feb '21

Very interesting, thanks for sharing. It looks like the only properties built on Bovill & nearby roads at this stage are the three story townhouses.