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Compliments for local shops

18 Feb '21

I’m sure that there is already a Compliments section but couldn’t find it, so have started a new thread. Perhaps the Mods will move this message to the right place? Thanks!

So, I believe we should celebrate and praise good service, as well as calling out the bad. The Proud Sow definitely deserves complimenting for its great service.

My husband is poorly and it is affecting his appetite. He must eat to keep up his strength but often is not interested in food.

Today, he has a craving for bone marrow and devilled kidneys! I don’t suppose a supermarket stocks either, so went to The Proud Sow in Crofton Park.

They had both items available. As well as advice on how to cook them - very gratefully received! - they gave me the bone marrow for free, as I bought other items as well as the kidneys.

Given the TV cookery programmes show bone marrow as a delicacy, it’s great to get it for nothing. Now to soak it for 24 hours, as per the recipe!

18 Feb '21

Great idea! Keep it positive or constructive, and it should be fine.

20 Feb '21

Went to that Olive’s & More shop in Perry Vale for the first time today. It is terrific.Bought tons of fresh Spanish olives this afternoon. They are the best I have ever had and good prices too. I advise anyone who loves olives and who has not been there yet to get on down there and load up !!

21 Feb '21

Agree. It’s a real gem on that road. Recommend everyone pay a visit.

21 Feb '21

I am hugely appreciative of Bravos on Stansted road for motorcycle repairs. They are honest, professional, thorough and friendly. I’ve had really mixed experiences with bike mechanics elsewhere so feel very lucky to have Bravos nearby.
I also went into Clapton Craft for the first time yesterday having walked passed approximately one million times and never gone inside. The two people working there were lovely, friendly and helpful. A friendly smile goes a long way in these times! The beer was nice too.