Archived on 6/5/2022

Tree planting around Dalmain Primary

1 Mar '21

Many stakes have been placed all along Brockley Rise and Grove Close around the corner of Dalmain Primary School - it looks like it’s going to get a nice line of trees soon :slight_smile:

What with Artdog, Sans Store, No. 41 and others nearby, this could be turning into quite a nice little corner.

1 Mar '21

Same is happening outside Kilmorie on Elsinore. Must be a school thing.

1 Mar '21

From the Dalmain newsletter that came out today:

Living Wall on Brockley Rise

We are pleased to inform you that maintenance work to our external walls has been completed and barriers installed on the pavements have been removed. We now look forward to reinstating our living wall.

As part of our ongoing environment work we are extremely proud to be part of the Street Trees for Living scheme. You will notice posts have been installed along the school perimeter ready for trees to be planted, this will be a great addition to our living wall and will create another protective screen for our children.

2 Mar '21

I did notice that the ivy seemed to have been cut back from the planters at the top of the wall / fence.

I reckon these green walls have the wrong plant though - Clematis armandii grows a few feet a year and is a monster making lots of thick evergreen leaves. People say you should train a Clematis, but my experience with this monster is that is trains you, and once it’s climbed to the top of whatever it is on, it sends a second layer of tendrils draping back down in a nice way.

While we are on the topic of school green walls, here’s Haseltine’s from a week or so ago, coming along, but still got some way to go:

3 Mar '21

I think it was Star Jasmine that I noticed last year planted along Dalmain school wall. If that’s the one still there it’s not as vigorous as C.armandii.

6 Mar '21

The trees are in at Dalmain just in time for re-opening! :partying_face:

It looks like they have planted a line of winter orange (Tilia Cordata) along Brockley Rise and crab apple (Malus Rudolph) around the corner on Grove Close.

Nothing planted yet for Kilmorie on Elsinore :frowning_face:

4 May '21

Oh no, there’s a casualty already :frowning:

4 May '21

That’s sad. The storm maybe? If those are small leaved limes, I’m not sure that’s the best choice of tree though. Beautiful trees, but they will never be able to reach their full potential in that location even when really heavily pollarded.

5 May '21

I believe it’s going to be left as is to see if it recovers - fingers crossed.

Some lowlifes once snapped a young tree trunk in half in my parents front garden, but the tree stuck 2 fingers up at them and grew 4 new stems from the break point and it’s still there to this day at the size unbreakable by human hands alone I am pleased to say!