Archived on 6/5/2022

The Capitol opening from April 12th

5 Mar '21

MyLondon News is reporting, like other media outlets, that Wetherspoons are planning to re-open most of it’s public houses, including The Capital, on Monday April 12th:

5 Mar '21

I’m pleased for them but beer garden? It’s a small beer alley! :rofl:

5 Mar '21

The opening pubs outdoors for a month before opening is flawed thinking in my view. Do not think of nice country pubs with lots of space. In London, it will be condensed crowded spaces, which though outdoors will be crowded and unhealthy. In my view pubs should open in and outdoors at the same point. Whether that is April / May is debatable (and depends on the progress of cases etc), but it should be at the same time. I will be waiting for May for pub-visiting I think. But at least we are not having the nonsense of having to get a “substantial meal” etc

5 Mar '21

To be fair to the 'spoons, last time they were doing table service (like some other pubs e.g. All Inn One) and had a ‘security’ guard checking people in, so if they limit the amount of seating it could all be done in a safe and controlled way.

However, as @HannahM says, the outdoor space is tiny, so it’s hard to see how it can be worth their while if that’s the only seating.

5 Mar '21

I fear this sort of thing is going to lead to blocked pavements and issues passers by, especially those with mobility or vision problems. I think pavement tables should not be allowed.

5 Mar '21

The Chandos has begun to take bookings for their garden and rooftop terrace. Rules concerning numbers of people and households will apply. And you get the space for 2.5 hours.

5 Mar '21

I wonder how many of those who proclaimed they’d be boycotting 'Spoons at the start of the pandemic for how they treated their staff will revisit that thought.

The Chandos approach seems sensible @starman.

11 Apr '21

Wetherspoons is currently covered in scaffolding - hopefully they’re fixing up the exterior and giving it a good clean.