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Bedtime book to help raise money for the NHS

6 Mar '21

After what has to be one of the toughest years for NHS workers, a 1% pay rise must feel like a slap in the face. Hi, I’m a local (SE26) new author of a charming and funny kids bedtime book called “Oh No, Not Another Lockdown!” and one of my goals was to donate £1 per copy sold to help the NHS.

If you have kids between 2.5 - 7 years old, and if you would like a brand new unique book that has a few laughs even for adults (I know my own kids giggled a lot) please do have a look. Printed in the UK, it’s on sale for £5.99, with £1 for every copy sold donated to the NHS. It ends with a positive message of hope for the future.

Thank you for your time
Ric Bertora (Author)

5 May '21

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