Archived on 6/5/2022

Beware power washer team

19 Mar '21

Two days ago a team with a power washer (around two men, two small white vans) came to our door wanting to demonstrate on our stone-paved front garden. We said very forcefully that we didn’t want this, that they should go away; when one came back, I said again that we didn’t want it and they needed to leave. Today one came back to “apologize” for “bullying” us, and I said thanks. But afterwards I saw that they’d refused to take no for an answer and had power-washed about a 4 x 4 foot area of our drive and one stone on our front steps, leaving them yellow when the rest was grey. I assume the “apology” was an attempt to get us to pay for the rest to be done now that they had ruined the look of the front of our house. I’m writing to warn others of this team in case they do this to you (further down our road I see another house with the same thing), but also to ask if anyone knows who they are, as I want restitution for the damage they’ve done.

19 Mar '21

Ugh - what an annoying tactic, though I wonder if it is illegal or not.

I seem to recall some street artists using pressure washers to ‘draw’ in dirt on an impressive scale, and not being liable since they were merely ‘cleaning’. That may have been in the US though, so the law could be different here.

Harassment on your doorstep definitely isn’t acceptable though and is worth reporting.

Is it a big area that needs finishing off? I’m wondering if a friendly neighbour with a pressure washer would be able to help, or if it’s economical to get someone professional to do the remaining bits. Otherwise I think it will dull quite quickly, if its any consolation.

19 Mar '21

Looks like the same team Sent a young boy to knock at our door about an hour ago
said that would Jet our front for £100…we said no a few times !!

19 Mar '21

Saw a bloke poking around the neighbours side passage yesterday, asked him what he was up to and he came out with some blag about washing drives and waved a leaflet at me before shooting off.

Guy had an Irish accent, ginger hair and was around 5’7"/8" - any chance it’s the same people?

This was on HOP around 2pm yesterday

19 Mar '21

What a really odd sales tactic. I’m sorry you to go through that - I hate pushy salespeople. I’d be really annoyed if someone decided to pressure wash a part of our garden like that. GTFO.

Seriously, if you want to borrow our pressure washer to even if out you’re more than welcome to.

19 Mar '21

Not to demonise all travellers, but this is a tactic that some of them use. Similar to the driveway tarmacking scam where they turn up at your door offering to lay you a new driveway at cost price, but only do it one cm thick with no base.

You didn’t ask them to do it, so they are basically damaging your property.

19 Mar '21

Thanks so much – we may well take you up on that! Such a kind offer. I’ll let you know soon.