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Football team needed

23 Mar '21

Hi all,

I currently have two spaces in two different football leagues (one 7-a-side and one 8-a-side) on a Tuesday night.

I am looking for a team to play in the 8-a-side league on a Tuesday night (kickoffs are at 6.30pm) at Archbishop’s Park in Lambeth. 3G pitch, good facilities. Approx £8 per player. STARTING NEXT WEEK.

If anyone has a team and is looking for a league, or are a group of players who don’t yet have a full team, or if you’re just a lone player keen for a game - then let me know!

Many thanks,


23 Mar '21

I believe there used to be an SE23 Dad’s (don’t think you had to be a Dad) regular football pre-lockdown. Not sure if it’s scheduled to start up again (I never played) but might be worth contacting whoever organised it as if it’s not starting up probably quite a few players looking for a team (or to form a team). Probably a few people on here who can point you in the right direction…

22 May '21

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