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[All now gone] FREE: cat food and scratching post

24 Mar '21

We have a range of cat food our cat has decided she will no longer eat. All suitable for adult cat 1+ Years old.
Pickup from Acorn Way, Perry Vale. PM me for address! :slight_smile:

I also have a cat scratching post going free as Madame deemed the carpeted stairs more worthy of her claws.

24 Mar '21

I’m unfortunately not at the right trust level to send a PM but am very interested in the scratch post if it’s still available!

I don’t know if I can receive PMs and just not send them, but if the scratch post is still available, I don’t mind sharing my email address publicly to coordinate.

24 Mar '21

Just messaged you :slight_smile:

24 Mar '21

You should be able to receive DMs, and then reply to them. Any issues let us know.

25 Mar '21

If these are still available, I’d love to have them!

24 May '21

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