Archived on 6/5/2022

No train services from Forest Hill & Honor Oak Park on Sunday April 11th

9 Apr '21

From National Rail website:

The rail replacement bus service calling at all stations between Forest Hill and New Cross Gate is scheduled to operate every 10 mins from 0650 to 2330 (5 minutes later from Honor Oak Park) and from New Cross Gate towards Forest Hill every 10 mins from 0640 to 2350 and 2359.

For stations towards New Cross Gate the buses will use Bus Stop E on Dartmouth Road (by Stanford Estates where 122 stops) and bus stop HB on Honor Oak Park.

For stations towards West Croydon via Crystal Palace buses will use Stop B on London Road (by Guava Kitchen) and bus stop HA on Honor Oak Park.

From New Cross Gate buses will use bus stop R in New Cross Road.

10 Apr '21

Thanks for your regular updates!
However it may save you some bother by just letting us know when we are having a rail replacement for our bus service.

11 Apr '21

Thank you so much.
I’m very relieved I wasn’t working this Sunday but only yesterday when the trains were OK.
Next weekend however I’m in both days…hoping for the best with the trains :crossed_fingers:t3:

11 Apr '21

That was lucky Max! I wondered if you working today.

At the moment you should be ok both days next weekend as there is no engineering works shown that will affect either our Southern service to London Bridge or London Overground to Canada Water :smile:

11 Apr '21

:star_struck: :dancer:t3: :dancer:t3: :dancer:t3: :raised_hands:t3:
Lets hope it stays that way!