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Clear out: curtains, trunk (table and/or storage)

10 Apr '21

Had a clear out

£10 per pair (2 pairs) IKEA curtains
Fully lined so good for bedroom
Been in a vacuum packed storage bag since we moved from our last flat 3 years ago but never suited any rooms here
Each curtain is 250cm long 145cm wide
Purple grey tulip pattern

Trunk £30
Used as a coffee table with glass top on little clear stickers along wood till baby arrived then removed glass and used as storage
A few flaws in glass top, wouldn’t recommend with children due to edges
Trunk handle has come off one end due to rough movers but we have it and just needs tacking back on
Also noticed hinge slipped but functioning fine on one side, pin should fix it
Has come from Qatar originally, sad to see it go but out of space

Brockley rise collection or local delivery

10 Apr '21

I’ll give you £30 for the trunk

11 Apr '21

Maybe I spoke too soon…
I’ve just looked at the photos again and realised, by roughly scaling it to the decking, that it may be smaller than I thought.
What are the dimensions please?

11 Apr '21

W 81
H 40
D 49


11 Apr '21

Thank you.
I’m so sorry to have wasted your time, but it’s a lot smaller than I thought so I won’t be buying it.
I hope it will be right for someone else.

12 Apr '21

Hi @AmandaSE23 I’m interested in buying the trunk from you. One question, how heavy is it; is it light enough for one person to carry? I don’t have transport so I would have to carry it home.

Edit: I don’t want the glass top, would that be an issue?

Many thanks

12 Apr '21

Where do you live? We might be able to deliver as it’s too heavy for one.

11 Jun '21

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