Archived on 6/5/2022

Anyone have a Horniman Butterfly House flyer?

10 Apr '21

Hello, we recently moved out of the area and are busy decorating our new place. We love the Horniman Museum (got married on the bandstand 3 years ago) and would like to frame a flyer advertising the Butterfly House but I seem to have lost the copy that I had. Does anyone have one lying around that they could send to me?

I’m thinking of one of their colourful a5 sized flyers - the image is similar to the attached which is the closet I could find on google.

This probably seems like such an odd post but I’d really love it on my wall! Obviously I would pay postage

Thank you in advance!

10 Apr '21

I bet they have some in their archive/ back room if you ask them when they reopen. I used to work in a museum and we got requests like that and always managed to find them.

10 Apr '21

Not a flyer, but a recent picture of it, in case that’s of any use at all:

18 Apr '21

Hello Abbie - oh, that’s lovely. I work at the Horniman and would be very happy to send you a flyer :). Maybe you could e-mail me your address via All the best, Cookie