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14 Apr '21

Hello everyone!

The day has finally come!

We will be opening our doors today (April 14th Wednesday) from 10am.

For the last couple of days, we have been working hard dressing the window and shop shelves. And the store is looking tidy and rather nice! :smiley:

To celebrate the opening of our Forest Hill store, we are handing out a double sided tote bag for all purchases. Also we are offering 10% discount on everything in-store until Friday.

You can check the detailed information on ALKEMI store Forest Hill & Nunhead (address, opening times & etc.) here.

We have had so many passing people waving at us through the window, which made me feel soooooooo welcomed and happy! :blush:

Once again, thank you so much for your interest and warm welcoming. We look forward to meeting you all very soon! Till then, keep well and stay safe!

Jeane Chung
ALKEMI store
'Beautiful Objects for Everyday Life"

15 Apr '21

Thank you for the great welcoming from the neighbourhood on our first opening day yesterday! :pray:

We’re open from 10 - 6 today (10-6 from Tuesday - Saturday, 11-5 on Sunday), so pop by if you are free. Looks like today we will have a sunny day too! :smiley: :smiley:

Hope to see you guys soon and have a nice day!
Jeane @ ALKEMI store

15 Apr '21

I popped in today for the first time and left with some gorgeous goodies and a beaut new tote (thank you!) A gorgeous little addition to the neighbourhood. I really hope the trend on this side of the tracks continues after @Pantry and @ALKEMI_store join us on Perry Vale!

15 Apr '21

I also popped into today. The window if full of gorgeous glassware but lots of other things in such a small space. Left with some hand soap and a plan to go back.

10% off purchases today and tomorrow.

15 Apr '21

Met Jeane today, what a lovely lady.


The shop is worth a visit, I got two Christmas presents, already wrapped and ready to go.

17 Apr '21

Hi Wendy,
It was lovely meeting you. Thank you for the beautiful pics of our store! :blush:

17 Apr '21

Didn’t know it was you, Starman! Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again! :pray:

17 Apr '21

Hello Fran,

Thank you for stopping by on our first opening day! :blush: