Archived on 6/5/2022

Greystead Road Proposals

22 Apr '21

Hi All,

Would really like your help. Lewisham homes are proposing to build new housing on Greystead Road SE23 this is located at the top of forest hill road and Dulwich residents are part of the consultation process as the buildings will overlook neighbouring house in Dulwich.

The consultation has made it clear that there is little concern for current tenants and community and that maximising new social housing (none of which will be affordable homes for purchase) is the only priority.

Due to covid restrictions all meetings are done via zoom limiting how much tenants are able to question the proposals but more importantly we have not been able to come together as 1 for us to discuss and challenge proposals.

I have therefore put together a Facebook group for this who are against proposals to come together. This is for people that live on Greystead road as well as those local to it as they too will be effected including parents of students at Fairlawn School and the new building will be directly next to the school and there they will be impacted by noise/dust etc.

Would you mind sharing the page I have created.