Archived on 6/5/2022

Shop local banners

24 Apr '21

Continuing the discussion from School Streets start today:

It’s not just the school streets that got some nice new banners, Honor Oak Park and Dartmouth Road have some too:

The shops down at Brockley Rise triangle may not have got any signs, but if you are down that way My Jamii Cafe has some new zero waste ice creams and lollies which may be good on a day like today.

26 Apr '21

What’s the point of the banners? To remind people of the name of the place they are already in, and that it has shops (which are visible from the road anyway)?

Or is it aimed at drivers? Because it’s pretty pointless for pedestrians.

26 Apr '21

Have to agree. To say the council are too stretched to clean up the basic grafitti and flytipping, seems like a bit of a pointless luxury.

26 Apr '21

Personally, I think they add to the clutter of the street. Also, with the council finances stretched to the limit this is pointless waste of money

26 Apr '21

Interesting response particularly as previous discussions on local forums often point to ED’s lovely banners and question why can’t we have something like that?

Personally, I think they are an attractive addition and adds to a sense of place for both FH and HOP.

26 Apr '21

I agree with all that, and having put the infrastructure in place in terms of the mountings, I would assume the plan is to install seasonal banners at different times of the year as well.

26 Apr '21

Agree entirely. They are an effective inexpensive way of highlighting his spending money locally is invaluable to local traders. Am sure if you asked businesses they would approve.