Archived on 6/5/2022

Save Wavelengths leisure pool campaign

8 May '21

Continuing the discussion from FB Group: Save The Bridge Leisure Centre:

The pools at Wavelengths are currently closed with no plans to reopen to leisure pool. Grainne Cuffe previously reported in News Shopper about the situation, where the leisure centre closed for lockdown, but has only reopened the gym, with the 25m fitness pool to open in summer after repair works, but no plans for the leisure pool.

A petition has been setup so leisure users and the wider community can help express support for repair and reopening of this pool:

As of writing, the petition stands at 2.3k signatures.

8 May '21

Last time I went there I had to navigate around sticking pools of water which weren’t draining around the lockers, poo on family changing room floor and sharing 3 showers with about 20 people. That’s nothing to do with repairs. Poor cleaning.
Would never take children there again for fear of disease!

9 May '21

And it also shows how disgusting people can be

23 Jun '21
23 Jun '21

Great news! From the linked article it sounds like the log flumes are being removed, which is sad, but will save £200,000 per year :open_mouth: I guess that’s because they need some powerful pumps to run the water, maintenance and extra staff for supervision?

It sounds like a sensible decision to me though.

23 Jun '21

Ah no my kids love the flumes