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Urgently needed - school pick up

9 May '21

Hello - our usual after-school child care arrangement has suddenly changed, due to unforeseen circumstances. We would need someone to pick up our children from Kentish Town after school @ 3:15pm, and bring them to Forest Hill (there are several transport options, which work well) - the person would be free from 5pm onward. We would need this for the next 2 weeks. Please DM me if you know anyone interested.

10 May '21

Hello! My mum is retired and can help. I live in Forest Hill so she’s familiar with the route. Can you get in touch so we can talk more about this?

10 May '21

hi @lhearttartan, amazing! please DM me! (I cannot find the function on here!) and we can discuss

10 May '21

Shout-out to the @ModTeam to help!

10 May '21

Thanks for the heads up - we had already fixed this, but forgot to note it :blush:

9 Jul '21

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