Archived on 6/5/2022

Thanking Oakr

10 May '21

Continuing the discussion from Welcoming @Oakr (Al) back to the moderating team:

Please join me in thanking @oakr, also known as Al, for his time and effort volunteering on the moderating team here at, again.

Al joined and left the team once before, and has been one of the most level-headed and unflusterable moderators I think can think of. He is also possibly the nicest person I know, always seeking a good side to everything. @Oakr will surely be missed from the team.

This leaves @chrisr and @applespider on the mod team with myself. In the coming months we will be considering the size of the mod team before we look towards replacing Al.

Once again thank you Al, and good luck!

10 May '21

I have to second this. Having modded alongside Al at some of the more difficult moments in the site’s history I can say without doubt that he always went out of his way to see both sides and managed to deal with everyone without seeming to lose his cool.
Good luck Al!

10 May '21

For a moment, I thought you were saying “Good Luck All” but yes, entirely second the sentiment for Al!

10 May '21

It seems like I’ve got big shoes to fill! Good luck Al but as you’ve left the moderating team and then returned once before never say never!!! :laughing:

11 May '21

Thanks @ForestHull @Foresthillnick @applespider and @ChrisR .

When I first move to these pastures some 16 or so years ago now, I remember the local forum at the time was a huge source of information once we came here.

I think that why I place so much value on this forum now, as I know how useful it can be to people either moving here, or who are here already. Whilst I know there are thousands of members, I also know how many people come on without registering to look for recommendations for tradespeople, places to eat \ drink, things to do etc and it’s great that anyone searcing in google for x in SE23 will have a good chance of finding something here.

There have been some ups and downs over the years when I’ve moderated, but I’d like to think the forum is in a great place right now, moderating over the last few months has been quite enjoyable, so thanks to everyone for making the moderators lives easier with the way everything has been discussed.

Thanks for former owner Chris for setting up the site which is technically excellent also, and now to @ForestHull for taking it on and keeping it running which is much more work than I think most people realise, for no money whatsoever as a not for profit, just to provide a community asset - that’s a really great thing. Thank you also to all the people I’ve moderated with in the past, and all other moderators when I’ve just been a member.

The moderators are used to my typically long messages so I will stop now.

Good luck everyone and let’s make moderation on here easy!