Archived on 6/5/2022

Problems with virgin media service

25 May '21

Is anybody else having problems with their virgin media service. We have been having problems with our tv service since February. Started with an intermittent interruption, then unable to access the tv guild & record any programs. Now I can not get any channels accept BBC One. Virgin media say they are having problems in our postcode area & each time we call them a date for the repair is stated which each time gets extended, now 26th May at 1pm!

26 May '21

Hope you are able to get it sorted. In the past, I’ve found asking on their forum sometimes gets one of their online team involved which can be better than sitting on the phone.

My service (hoping not to tempt fate) has been pretty solid.

26 May '21

We’re getting traffic lights on upper Kirkdale from Friday, due to works by a Comms company. So that will be joyful. I don’t know what’s up but I hope it’s not yet more pavement clutter.