Archived on 6/5/2022

Trusted Garages

28 May '21

So, last week someone very kindly drove into the wing mirror of my parked car on Devonshire Road, leaving me with a smashed wing mirror - both the mirror and the actual unit. Obviously because whoever did it didn’t do the courtesy of even leaving a note I’m just going to have to pay to replace it myself.

Does anyone have a trusted local garage who can source and fit a new wing mirror? I’m always wary of mechanics, even though it might be justified as I’m always concerned they’re going to want to take advantage of a mug who knows nothing about cars.

28 May '21

Rodney Garages, Malham Rd

28 May '21

Echo on Rodney’s . I’ve been going there for years. My old car had a weird highly intermittent fault with the electrics & they did look at it at length, take it for a long drive & didn’t actually charge me for any of that.

28 May '21

We go there for MOT and services, but they once similarly took a look at a funny problem with our car and did a whole load of checks, when it turned out to be nothing serious they gave us their advice and didn’t charge for the diagnostics. Really rate them.

28 May '21

Wing mirrors can be expensive.
What car, model and year is it?
It might be worth trying to source a replacement mirror on ebay - ideally in the colour you need - and then check around for a fitter?

16 Jun '21

It seems Rodneys were quick to get me to bring my car to take a look to prepare a quote but have since started ghosting me when I’ve tried to follow up.

Any other trusted garages people use?

16 Jun '21

We’ve used Ichtus for years

Mainly for MOT but some other small bits of work too. I know nothing about cars but they seem good and were recommended to us, and never felt like I was being ripped off as I have elsewhere.

Edit -. They are just off Brockley Rise by Dalmain School.

16 Jun '21

Not in SE23 but we’ve used Catford Hill Motor Company for years. They are behind Compton Cycles (opposite St Dunstans) and have always been honest and given a great service.

21 Jun '21

Auto Car Repairs. I live in Forest Hill and always use them. Very knowledgeable and professional mechanics who always charge fairly. They can be a little busy but if you book a few days ahead you get really good service:

71 Rosendale Rd,
London SE21 8EZ

21 Jun '21

Dartmouth Motors are very helpful. I always take my car there for its MOT and a couple of months ago one of the rear parking sensors had disappeared inside the bumper which they fixed in about half an hour and just told me to “give Simon a drink” so I gave him £20 and he seemed perfectly happy.