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Tree Expert Needed! Aphids Birch Tree Infestation

3 Jun '21

Hello All,
Could anyone here recommend an excellent tree expert to help my birch tree, which is covered in Aphids (seems to be blackflies)? Seems i need someone to spray all the leaves on the tree to deal with this infestation.
Thank you, it is much appreciated!

4 Jun '21

Sorry I don’t know anyone, but dependant on the type of aphids you could maybe buy a lot of ladybirds who might naturally control them for you, though I’m not sure how high they go

In spring the adults emerge and disperse, mate and lay eggs. Predatory species lay eggs on plants infested with aphids or other insects, those that feed on fungi on mildew infested plants. Many species can have several generations during the summer.

4 Jun '21

I tried ladybirds on a clematis. I bought something like 20 indigenous adults and 20 larvae which arrived (alive) through the post. I put them on the clematis, but I think they were chased off by the ants that might have been farming the aphids :frowning:

Still, it was worth a try, but I think ladybirds might work better in a green house or something a bit more enclosed.

1 Jul '21

Harlequin ladybird larvae enjoying my apple core.

Jason…Mr Whisteria, suggested I used diluted washing up liquid sprayed on.

2 Jul '21

Yes my husband has used diluted washing up liquid on the roses before. Not too sure it worked as I don’t remember him using any last year, but anything is worth a try isn’t it.