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Looking for casual football players (men’s)

3 Jun '21

Hi all,
I organise a friendly football match for a group of men on Thursdays 8-9pm.

We’re struggling for players this week because of half term/ injury/ sickness.
Would anyone like a kick about tonight?

It’s astroturf near stillness school and not overly competitive as we all have jobs to go to tomorrow.

Please let me know if you or your partner would like to play and I’ll send you more details.

Thanks in advance

3 Jun '21


I have an injury so wont be able to play for the next month at least but would be interested after that if you still need players.



8 Jun '21

Missed the boat for last week but would be up for a game if there’s still places going?

23 Jul '21

I know I’m a bit late on the response, but I’m keen if you need a player in the future. I’m very local to Stillness so can fill in at short notice if required. Cheers, Matt

24 Jul '21

Hi Neal, I’m keen to play and would be available on Thursdays. Can you DM me the details? Thanks.

22 Sep '21

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