Archived on 6/5/2022

Recommendations for local yoga classes

8 Jun '21

Does anyone have recommendations for local yoga classes for an absolute beginner?

8 Jun '21

Yoga edge in CP is great but depends if you want to go that far. Have heard great things about yoga house in Catford too.

The adult learning centre on brockley rise also used to do absolute beginners courses which were super cheap and really good, but not sure if they are teaching in person at the mo.

9 Jun '21

I’m a fan of Yogarise in Peckham. They do a very good beginner’s class on Sunday mornings, super gentle and well instructed. They also do rooftop yoga on the weekends!

9 Jun '21

I really love Alice Billerey Yoga and can highly recommend her therapeutic yoga class on a Wednesday at 6.15, which is online for now. She teaches at Catford and Deptford studios in person too. Perfect for beginners and lovely atmosphere in her classes.