Archived on 6/5/2022

Parliamentary Boundary Changes

9 Jun '21

So the new boundary changes will place us in the constituency of “Dulwich and Sydenham”.

A good idea or not? It certainly makes the prospective MP’s life harder as they will have to deal with two councils, thereby having double the number of departments to deal with.

9 Jun '21

Looks like quite a bit of Honor Oak will be in the Depford constituency.

9 Jun '21

Hmm. Geographically it makes some sense but I worry we would be a minority partner in the constituency.

What might be interesting is the new constituency includes Dulwich Village, the only area in Southwark to return conservative councillors. It might add a bit more spice to our parlimentary elections.

10 Jun '21

Even Dulwich Village is a Conservative Party free zone on the Council these days

10 Jun '21

Hmm…. It basically splits the area in two (or three if you include Catford) which is poor, but I am sure it was a very complicated decision and driven more by trying to have an equal number of voters in each constituency, rather than respecting locally perceived boundaries of different areas. Could work out helpfully as there would now be 3 MPs tackling the flight path issue here…

11 Jun '21

It makes slightly more sense than the current boundary that includes Penge and Crystal Palace but doesn’t include Crofton Park. It still seems odd that Shannons is in “Deptford” but the Railway Telegraph is in “Dulwich and Sydenham”, but the boundaries need to start and stop somewhere.

Whichever way you carve up the local area, it is still a safe seat with no account given to the political views of the 40% minority who did not vote for the current MP (or possibly a larger number if they felt that their vote for a minority party might actually count for something).