Archived on 6/5/2022

Serious pavement damage on Stanstead Rd

11 Jun '21

I’ve just alerted our local councillor to the alarmingly sunk pavement on Stanstead Road just off the corner with Sunderland Road by the alleyway next to the old Topps Tiles store. The contractors working behind the old store have clearly caused this damage with their heavy equipment and should be made to repair it when the works are completed. The councillor says that the pavement, being on the South Circular, is the responsibility of TfL, but he’ll get the Highways Dept to contact them. In the mean time, it’s still something of a hazard – and if anything worse than when I took this photo a couple of weeks ago.

11 Jun '21

It has been like that for some time now. But thank you for reporting.

11 Jun '21

@onlineguy Thank you for reporting this. I thought originally there were barriers round the sunken part so mistakenly assumed a repair was underway! It’s certainly not easy to navigate round the sunken part without walking onto the South Circular especially if you have mobility issues or are pulling a shopping trolley or luggage!

11 Jun '21

Let’s hope the contractors do repair it. And not by simply whacking some tarmac over it which seems all too common.

17 Jun '21

This corner of Malham and Beadnell was repaired recently.