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Land wanted for family home

12 Jun '21

We are a local family privately renting in Forest hill and looking for land to build a modest family home. If you have a large garden with separate access and would be interested in selling a slice of land for our families forever home then please get in touch. Thanks in advance!

14 Jun '21

Is this a serious enquiry?
Have you done this type of project before?
What size and style house do you want to build?
Presumably detached?
What are your spatial requirements regarding garage, side space/separation and rear garden etc?
Preferred location/s?
Budget for plot?

26 Jun '21

Yes this is a serious enquiry, I work in an architectural firm and have designed houses/apartments for 20+ years for many clients, but not yet for myself.
We are looking for a minimum of 170sqm/1830sqft/0.042 acre.
We will consider anywhere in an accessible location in SE23/26/6 (ie close enough to a road to get utilities etc).
Lewisham have just published a draft document on Small sites, and it would need to fit within their general guidance to obtain planning permission.
Ideally I would like to build a modern sustainable Passivhaus with very little heating required. I would consider semi-detached or detached dependant on site constraints. Planning will require either on/off street parking for one car.
Please get in touch if you have land for sale/further discussion. Thanks!

26 Jun '21

Thanks for that additional detail.
I don’t know of anything, and if I did I’d probably think about building it myself.
The important thing is though, people now have a bit more to go by and it might spark some interest for you.
It’s nice to see people liking the area and wanting to put down permanent roots (foundations) here - and you’re doing that, literally!
All the best to you and your family.

25 Aug '21

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