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Intimidation HOP Sainsbury’s

18 Jun '21

Hi all,

I’m new to the forum but have lived/taught in the area since 2015.

I was wondering if anyone else had had a run in with the quite intimidating man who sits quite regularly at the P12 bus stop outside Mama Dough and tends to either shout or start begging?

A few weeks ago he blocked myself + partner from leaving Sainsbury’s getting in our faces once we’d taken our masks off and kept us in the doorway until my partner went inside to buy him food.

Yesterday evening on my walk home from work the same guy was walking down the middle of Grierson/Garthorne road telling anyone walking along the road he’d bust them up/shouting aggressive nonsense at them.

I’m a little five five woman and I fully had an out of body experience when I realised he was catching up to me and I had no road to shoot off down having just passed Agnew.

I never know whether to contact the authorities (I grew up around a lot of antisocial behaviour in Croydon) but I am starting to fall more on Ubers if I’ve left school late/am avoiding our local shops.

19 Jun '21

Definitely worth a call to 101 to report it now. If it happens again I’d be calling 999

19 Jun '21

I’m sorry to hear about this incident and hope you are okay.

You might also find it easier to make a report online at where they write:

It’s definitely good to get these things noted incase there is a pattern of behaviour or it helps some other investigation.

Oh, and welcome to the forum.

19 Jun '21

A description of said individual would be useful. White, Black, Indian; tall, short or stocky, etc.

21 Jun '21

A description might be helpful. We had another of these characters in the neighbourhood a while back - aka ‘The Aggressive Beggar’ - it is possible he may have returned to the area.

21 Jun '21

Slim, middle aged. Usually in jeans/shirt/T-shirt black.

22 Jun '21

Hi @Kerry_Rich,

Could you email me with a good description please, I have searched/moved on a couple people in the last week so would be interested to know if I have already spoken to the individual;

Age, Height, Build, Colour, Clothing, Behaviour, Accent ect.

Many thanks

PC Kemal