Archived on 6/5/2022

I got my wedding dress from a charity shop and was stunned to find a secret note

26 Jun '21

The Sun reports on a ‘secret note’ found in a wedding dress sold at the British Red Cross shop, Forest Hill, who have been having a bridal and wedding dress sale in the last few weeks:

The ‘secret note’ wasn’t really secret, but it’s a heart warming story that started with a wedding dress was bought in Camden in 2017:

What a fantastic story, and helping the British Red Cross too.

26 Jun '21

What a lovely heartwarming story.

26 Jun '21

On a more sombre note -
About 30 years ago, I’d found out literally last minute about a friend’s funeral and I just wanted to go there to show my respects - only problem was that I was wearing my scruffy normal clothes.
Anyway, I quickly met-up with everyone at a coffee bar in Blackheath Village just before the service on the Heath.
They were all suited-and-booted so I felt really bad.
But, as we crossed the road, I saw a suit in the Oxfam shop’s window so I told the guys I’d catch them up.
Ten minutes later, I walked into the church wearing a Hugo Boss suit, Ungaro shirt and a pair of Church’s shoes - all fitting perfectly for £45.
Everyone had a great laugh - but after the service I donated it all back to Oxfam and changed back into my comfortable clothes for the wake.

26 Jun '21

I love it - it’s kinda like an antidote to fast-fashion; high quality clothes repeatedly loved.