Archived on 6/5/2022

Waldenshaw Road/nearby streets - Single Moped driving up & down/around at midnight >10times

29 Jun '21

Hello Neighbours; has anyone noticed the moped that drives in circles around the area? I live on Waldenshaw Road and this moped drives up and down the street then “disappears” for a few minutes to again show up on waldenshaw road, driving towards London Road, turn around and back the same route (assuming it drives around either Sainsbury’s car park or up and then down Manor mount as the humming can be heard while “disappeared”). This is then repeated at least 10 times and was the 2nd time/night I had noticed it. I saw them last night, it alternates between 2 people or one driver. Could be a complete innocent thing hence fallen under General category- but a bit suspicious due to repetition and the time (midnight) of occurrence. Anyone noticed or know anything, please?

29 Jun '21

Saw/heard it last night after midnight. Bloody annoying. Kids probably. Going to buy a stinger…

1 Jul '21

He was around yesterday evening at~ 8 (30th July) and between 8.50-9.15 to show up again doing same laps ~10.30 pm today 1st July. Hopefully as you said, only a kid who is learning to drive it in the quiet area rather than risking it on the busier roads… but the repetitiveness is getting on the nerves.

4 Jul '21

Yep, we live nearby and also could hear it. Very annoying - particularly when late at night. :angry: