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Alterations - Trouser Hemming

2 Jul '21

Hi all,

I have a couple of trousers that I need hemming (and the last time I tried it myself I did an awful job!).

Can anybody recommend somewhere good and local that could do this?

I live a few minutes from Forest Hill station (south side) and ideally would like to find somewhere walkable.

Thanks for any advice!

2 Jul '21

I’ve always had great service from ‘Three Square Express Dry Cleaners’, just next to Bunka on Dartmouth Road.

2 Jul '21

Thanks Jon, I’ll check them out

2 Jul '21

@Togs Togs
I’ve always used M M Dry Cleaners on Wastdale Rd for jobs such as rehemming trousers and have always been very happy with their work and price. Wastdale Rd is just off Stanstead Rd before the Fire Station.

2 Jul '21

Thank you @ChrisR! Will give them a call

2 Jul '21

You can also get the trousers measured there. They have a changing room.

3 Jul '21

We always use the dry cleaners next to Bunka on dartmouth road have done for years.
They also are great at fixing zips and other fixes and alterations-highly recommend.
And its a lovely family run business too

4 Jul '21

Second this. (MM) Much better yet somehow cheaper plus lovely bloke.
Did proper stitched take up on selvedge chinos while I waited.

5 Jul '21

Thank you to everyone who replied. I ended up using MM dry cleaners as they are fractionally closer to my house.

Lovely guy, turned two pairs of trousers around in an afternoon for a reasonable price and did a great job. I’ll definitely be going back and will happily recommend them