Archived on 6/5/2022

Noisy selfish neighbours

3 Jul '21

Every week the noise around here is becoming a nuisance. Now some one with drum and Mike last week it was talking sorry shouting conversations until 3 am. Some are starting to get extremely frustrated and suffering stress.
I know some of my neighbours have knocked on doors asked politely. But we not sure who or where it is coming from. Where is the respect and consideration to others. :angry:

The Double glazing windows can’t block this out and it’s warm!! :rage:

3 Jul '21

Noise log app. To log and report it to the council. The more people who do, the more quickly it can be stopped.

It’s incredibly anti social and causes huge anxiety.

Perhaps a community group can be started to deal with it?

4 Jul '21

I could hear music playing until about 2am. Not loud/near enough for the app to get a good recording, but at that time of night, even on a Satuday, it shouldn’t be audible at all, IMO.

5 Jul '21

@anon47936410 where are you suffering from this atm? Bampton Estate is particularly awful for loud noise and parties through the night and Lewisham Homes don’t seem to care! Residents left to suffer :frowning: