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Looking for a small workspace / unit

20 Jul '21

Hi everyone, we recently moved to the area and run a local food business and we are looking for a small workspace / prep unit if anyone know’s of anything local.

Thank you in advance.

21 Jul '21

Taymount Bakery was looking for something similar a while back – maybe they can help?

24 Jul '21

Maybe something in the Malham Road industrial estate?

Possibly some of the spaces on Clyde Terrace maybe worth a look too.

27 Jul '21

Hi there are many empty small units on Clyde terrace post pandemic. These are run by london and quadrant housing association.

28 Jul '21

There’s also a railway arch just down in Catford. It’s a bit of a fixer-upset by the looks of things, but could be an option:

26 Sep '21

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