Archived on 6/5/2022

Bampton Estate Noise

24 Jul '21

I don’t know if other people are suffering from the whirling noise on Bampton Estate. This matter has been ongoing for over a year! Every time falling on deaf ears including with the local councillor. The last status on 9th June and was told the issue was in the hands of the solicitors by (Lewisham Homes Head of Property Analytics and Operations) We have now raised the issue with Ellie Reeves MP who has started an enquiry with Lewisham Homes.

A neighbour has documented the noise issue with videos on YouTube. D L - YouTube The issue is with faulty air handling fans on the roof of Standlake Point. These are owned by Vodafone or O2. The noise isn’t just audible but it is also vibrational that resonates through the walls. So even with the windows closed you can still hear it in Standlake Point.

There was a meeting with head of maintenance who heard the noised and confirmed the issue. He did say they probably won’t do anything as they are redeveloping the roof. So we have to put up with the issue until then.

Have you had the same issues?

24 Jul '21

I don’t live in the buildings but just listening to the videos I can see why you are so frustrated than nothing is being done. I do hope you have some luck.