Archived on 6/5/2022

(FOUND) Lost cat - white and ginger - Ziggy

25 Jul '21

Lost Cat - ESCAPED FROM MAYOW VET. Please if you live in the area near Mayow Vets (between mayow park and sydenham road) can you look out for Ziggy who escaped from there approx 2pm today.
He is ginger and white with distinctive eyes (1 blue and 1 amber).
He is microchipped and wearing a collar. Currently he isn’t feeling great (hence why he was at the vet).
Please call:
Emily - [07843 478368] (at the vets)
Demi- [07801 457 159] (at the vets)

25 Jul '21

Oh dear, what rotten luck :frowning:

I’ve shared on :twitter: @SE23Cats - let’s hope he is found soon :crossed_fingers:

26 Jul '21

I understand the cat has been found and caught this morning, so a happy ending here.