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Decent Plasterer required for small job

26 Jul '21


Need to get a small plastering job quoted, just a kitchen ceiling repair and plastering the living room ceiling / chimney breast.

Any good recommendations locally? Having trouble getting good quotes on mybuilder checkatrade etc. due to small size of job.

Kind Regards,


26 Jul '21

Hi Ben,

if you have a look at the following thread: Plasterer Recommendations there are quite a lot of recommendations including some very recent ones which you may find useful. Please update that thread if you use any of them or if you find someone else.

26 Jul '21

Rye Renovations on 07903 813746. Ask for Steven. I don’t know them on a personal level but as a fellow tradesman I rate their work and how they do business. They’re a limited company with public and contractor liability insurance in case you were wondering.

28 Jul '21

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