Archived on 6/5/2022

[FOUND] Missing black Cat - Near Dalmain Road

28 Jul '21

Hi there, my cat has gone missing a couple of nights ago near Dalmain Road (Forest Hill).
My cats name is Mr. President
He is a black adult cat.
He was wearing purple collar and can be reconized by the if the pigmentation in he’s left eye.
I have attached a picture of him below.

If you have seen him please let me know using this number: 07943722293

28 Jul '21

Oh dear, another missing cat :frowning:

I’ve shared on :twitter: @SE23Cats so lets hope for some good news - welcome to the forum @HiddenSquid95.

31 Jul '21

Hello everyone. Mr President has finally returned home safe and sound. :purple_heart:

31 Jul '21

So pleased to here that.