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Wanted free Garden furniture curtains nets and bedding

29 Jul '21

Hi my friends have just moved back into their flat after a horrendous fire a few Months ago and need the above… I have managed to get all of the furniture needed but still need the above if anyone could help that would be amazing… They both have double beds so would need double duvets… duvet covers and double sheets about 6 windows need nets and curtains or blinds and any outdoor chairs and tables would be wonderful… Thanks Sioux

29 Jul '21

Have a look at Gumtree’s free ads.
Or put in your postcode and search items for sale.
You’ll be surprised what you can get from time to time.
Oh, and try the local Freecycle as well.
Another thing - try the local charity shops because that’s where I would give old bedding and curtains but most of the time I think they just get bagged-up and sold for their textile weight. There may be loads of this stuff in their store/sorting rooms or at other branches.

29 Jul '21

Ok brill Thankyou

1 Aug '21

I have a sofa if they still need… possibly some curtains (still hanging but was thinking of taking down) I’ll have a rummage in my attic - might have duvet cover etc… I hate the idea of stuff going to landfill so it hangs around…

2 Aug '21

That would be lovely Thank you. They are fine for furniture now just need outdoor stuff …

1 Oct '21

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