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Laboos Flowers - 51 Brockley Rise

1 Aug '21

Hello SE23,

I will be opening my florist Laboos Flowers, next Friday (6th of August) & wanted to introduce myself & the little grey shop to the community (51 Brockley Rise).

Laboos is an eco-minded florist, so will be using British grown flowers as much as possible in your bouquets & also stocking sustainable candles (organic beeswax from local apiaries) & greeting cards. Deliveries/in-store & click & collect.

I just wanted to say that I’ve been painting inside for the last week & had lots of friendly faces pop in, wishing me luck, so have felt incredibly welcomed already - THANK YOU :slight_smile:

Lastly, if there are any artists/makers on here, I’d love to hear from you - opportunities of mini pop ups in store & also looking for greeting cards made by locals.

Thanks so much,
Frances @Laboosflowers

1 Aug '21

Welcome……Amazing love the website has well and the arty picture gallery on the links. Just beautiful I look forward to popping in. Wishing your business a growing success!!

1 Aug '21

Thank you :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:

1 Aug '21

Just stumbled across this looking urgently for local flowers today, ha. Don’t suppose you’ve any bouquets tucked away already? :sweat_smile:

1 Aug '21

Hello Ehaze,
I’ve only just seen this, sorry!!!
Not today unfortunately but opening next week (Friday) so will have lots then :slight_smile:

1 Aug '21

Hi! Welcome welcome to the community I live just up the road from the shop and I’m a local artist. Would love to speak to you about your ideas, I have greetings cards, fine art prints and original artworks for sale. would love to chat more. Xxx

3 Aug '21

Just checked your website out great work of art!! Need to look again more time hope you get a sales boost great stuff.

6 Aug '21

This is so fantastic! Sounds like my idea of heaven :slight_smile: will be popping in for sure - we live just a couple of roads away.

8 Aug '21

That sounds great, especially as well that you are going to be selling greetings cards. I am always looking for an unusual or really nice card.
I will pop in myself in the next couple of weeks.