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The original jerk cookout

1 Aug '21

Went to ‘ THE ORIGINAL JERK COOKOUT’ yesterday.
Really disappointed by the lack of food tents. We arrived at 3pm and there were 50m queues at all 4 food tents.
Anyone else have similar experiences?
Weather - poor
Atmosphere - good
Entertainment - good

1 Aug '21

A really good event we thought. You were not so lucky with timing for food.

It opened at 12 and we were there from about 2 when there were still no queues. They built up slowly from about 2.30 then fluctuated and waiting time was about half an hour at times. There were a lot more than 4 outlets though.

The food from Twerk n Jerk was amazing, I didn’t know them before this. but they operate from the Catford Mews. Will definitely visit them.

Entertainment and beer good too, and music wise Yolanda Brown stood out as quite excellent.

1 Aug '21

Thanks - a fair summary - thought it would be quieter later for food. Got unlucky and tricky with young kids to manage.

2 Aug '21

Agree with everything you said. Jerk and twerk was brilliant. We also had some very yummy vegan mac & cheese from another stall. Music was great. If not for the weather this would have been a fantastic event.

1 Oct '21

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