Archived on 6/5/2022

Golf Lessons

8 Aug '21

Does anyone have any good recommendations for places to have golf lessons within the general vicinity of SE23? Golf novice, so any tips welcome, particularly for good instructors / clubs.

12 Aug '21

I had some lessons a few years ago at the Croydon driving range. I think my instructor’s name was Gary, and he was good.

I’m struggling to find the right weblink for you. The site has a ‘Dragon golf’ thing for kids, and a big American Golf retail outlet, but I can’t see specific mention of the driving range (and instructors) at all. I think they’re different operations on the same site. Or possibly they’re closed for now as they had some ‘social distancing’ issues when I was there last summer because of the physical set-up of the driving range structure.

The range itself has new technology which is really very cool! There are screens on each bay that show how far you hit your ball and in what direction, and score you for consistency. It links to an app on your phone to keep track of your progress.

Possibly it’s best if you go for a visit and a chat.

175 Long Lane, Addiscombe, , CR0 7TE

12 Aug '21

Might be worth a chat with the local instructor at Cannon Golf in Sydenham. Indoor facility includes a huge screen, video analysis of swing and personal coaching. I tried it out while buying a set of lessons for a novice golfer friend. Could be a great way to get started. It is located behind Raffaele’s restaurant, opposite the Dolphin.

12 Aug '21

I bought my girlfriend some golf lessons at Dulwich and Sydenham Hill Golf Course. She really enjoyed them and continues to go. At the time they did a block of six lessons for £150.

12 Aug '21

Thanks all, some really helpful suggestions!