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Where to buy your Daleks

16 Aug '21

16 Aug '21

When the Daleks were on the tele in the 1960s?
I was no more than 10 or 11 I suppose, & they absolutely terrified me! The only thing that pacified me was the fact that they couldn’t climb stairs, but of course now they can! Thank goodness that didn’t happen till 50 years later or I would never have slept again! :rofl:

16 Aug '21

I spotted those a while back on a trip to Shannons. I have a retired colleague who is a huge Dr Who fan and had to send him a pic. He has a Tardis as his garden shed.

I was also scared of them as a child so really don’t understand how he can have a Dalek in his bedroom too… I’d wake up in the night and scare myself!

16 Aug '21

They have an Instagram page. I’ve contacted them through it on 4 occasions to ask about price and availability of items posted. The 1 response I got was the item was sold a week before. Consequently a week before they posted the picture.

I’ve given up.