Archived on 6/5/2022


30 Aug '21

Yet again some one is being selfish and making noise with there tools. Why late why every weekend why after 6pm week days and late at night just fed up of it. Have no idea who the corrupt is but fed up of the selfish loud noiseeeeeee people. The inconsideration of it is becoming to much now.

30 Aug '21

I genuinely sympathise with your struggling with noise nuisance - I’m sure many of us have been in similar situations. That being said, you should look to turn your frustration in to practical action as these posts are unlikely to effect the change you want to see.

There are a number of routes initially available to you to try to tackle this, which will depend on where they live. The first point of call is always to try to speak to the person directly - they may not realise their behaviour is annoying you - but if you don’t feel up to that you can take things further. You’ll need to do a little exploration to try to work out where it is coming from initially and then start a noise log to be able to evidence the impact this has on you - recording the time and type or noise. If the person lives in a Lewisham Homes or housing association property, they will usually have ASB teams you can deal with directly. If they don’t, you can raise it with Lewisham Council and see where that takes you.

If you don’t get anywhere after raising multiple cases over a period of time, you may be able to use the community trigger to ask for a response to persistent antisocial behaviour. We live in ever closer quarters with other people, and that is only going to increase over time - communication is key to getting on with your neighbours. Everyday noise and lifestyle differences are to be expected, but you should not accept anti-social behaviour.