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Mid Century Furniture [for sale]

1 Sep '21

I’ve inherited some mid-century furniture when I bought my flat, which I would like to sell if anybody is interested. All in need of some love (sanding, varnishing, waxing etc).

  • Gordon Russell Extendable Dining Table (Dimensions are 107cm x 78cm un-extended. Extended it is 153cm)
  • 4x CC41 Dining Chairs
  • CC41 Chest of Drawers

I know the dining table in particular is worth something, so I would appreciate reasonable offers.


On Devonshire Road for collection.

2 Sep '21

If you don’t get any takers on here there are a couple of second hand furniture shops on Dartmouth Road who may be interested.

2 Sep '21

I’d be interested in the chairs

3 Sep '21

I will private message you

2 Nov '21

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