Archived on 6/5/2022

Puppy Day Care

8 Sep '21

Can anyone recommend a local dog day care that has space and will accept puppies? I have a 15 week old that we need to be out of the house in a few weeks time due to minor construction work, and generally would be good to find somewhere he can go for focused socialisation once a week afterwards.

8 Sep '21

Hi Evelyn, we use Crystal Palace Pet Sitters for our 9 month puppy for doggy day care one day a week. They have been really good when we need to add a day or reduce a day when on holidays and give us reports (ie has our puppy been extra humpy today!) when we ask how he is doing.
They have had a surge in demand so not sure if they are taking on new clients but worth emailing Emily at

Also, here is their website: