Archived on 6/5/2022

Can moderators please explain what the hell is going on?

9 Sep '21

@moderators What’s going on? Why are posts being moved and deleted? Your community of users are owed an explanation. Thank you.

9 Sep '21

Please see this from the FAQ:

Your previous publicly posted feedback was converted to a PM with @moderators, and I have indicated that I will respond once I get the chance. Apologies for the delay, but I hope you can understand and thank you for your patience.

9 Sep '21

Thanks for all your hard work @moderators , I know it’s not always easy but it is appreciated by many.

10 Sep '21

I’d just like to say I don’t care what everyone else has been saying about the moderators I think they do an excellent job.

I, for one admire their indefatigability and even handiness, which without there would be no forum. The word “hero” is banded around alot nowadays but in their case it’s fully deserved.

PS mods, is that enough to give me a pass on abusive language and personal insults?

11 Sep '21

I post on other forums too.

Always respect the mods :white_check_mark:

14 Sep '21

To other posters on here, I do respect mods. My post here wasn’t because of “delay” in responding to an earlier post — I recognise you’ve probably all got day jobs — but because the mods had rapidly moved the situation on from posts being moved to posts being deleted, and for no obvious reason.

14 Sep '21

I think the mods have done a great job improving the forum over the past year. Inevitably there will be setbacks and this isn’t the first time they have had to deal with a difficult situation. The important thing is to move away from personalities and examine whether the substance of the accusation was valid or not.

Hence whether it should be shared or not. I hope, in time, the mods feel able to comment on that and the feedback they requested.

15 Sep '21

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