Archived on 6/5/2022

Taymount Rise - Controlled Parking Zone?

13 Sep '21

Possibly a controversial topic but does anyone know if Taymount Rise is being considered to be a CPZ?

Given its proximity to the high street and train station I am surprised its not a CPZ, especially when Waldenshaw Road is.

I live on Taymount Rise and its an absolute nightmare to park. I would be in favour of paying for a residents permit to avoid the constant struggle to find a spot and competing with workers from the local estate agents or commuters!

Depending on the support would be good to understand how we could make this happen.


13 Sep '21

I think there was a consultation on a CPZ a couple of years ago. I must admit I didn’t pay attention as we do not have a car and we have private parking spaces.

I do agree traffic and parking generally got very bad on Taymount Rise - it is not very safe for pedestrians and residents. We have also had a lot of problems with cars parking badly and blocking the bin lorry.