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Leo Gibbons not re-standing at the next local elections

14 Sep '21
14 Sep '21

We’ll be sad to see you go @LeoGibbons, I’m sure it’s not an easy job. Best of luck with your next adventure, and please do introduce me to your successor. I’ll be happy to help him or her in any way I can.

14 Sep '21

Best of luck for the future @LeoGibbons.

14 Sep '21

Best of luck in the future @LeoGibbons and thanks for all your efforts over the years.

14 Sep '21

@LeoGibbons Not knowing you personally I can’t comment on whether you have the temperament for politics but it’s very self aware of you to recognise that. Good luck in what you do next.

14 Sep '21

I do not live in your ward. I only know you through your posts here but I can say I wish our own councillors could match them. A loss to the forum from the insights from being on the council you share here.

14 Sep '21

@LeoGibbons wishing you every success with your next venture.
I am grateful that it was you that arranged for the Forest Hill Society to present on aircraft noise and flightpaths in the Civic Suite, that was a great help in getting the Council on board with our work challenging London City and Heathrow airports and flightpaths.

I have always been impressed that you have been willing to engage in discussion on a forum like this one, despite the often unfair kicks aimed at you here from some with an axe to grind. Not many Councillors will do that, and I completely understand why. You also made a major contribution to this forum by publicly calling out persistent bullying and divisive behaviour by certain forum members, and it has mostly been a calmer and less divisive place since you did that.

14 Sep '21

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14 Sep '21

Bravo Leo for having a bash and trying your best!

14 Sep '21

Why has Starman’s post been flagged and hidden? There’s nothing rude or inflammatory.

14 Sep '21

Sad times for Forest Hillermites but pastures new for Leo.
Knocked up this little ditty in a vain attempt to capture our gratitude for the big man.

Leo, we love you, Leo we do
and although you will no longer be a councillor we’ll still think of you
And I’m sure everyone on the forum agrees there’s no-one quite like you
Oh Leo we admire you, Leo we do and I’m sure your new employers will be cock-a-doodle-doo
Repeat X 25

Was going to finish with Skippy the bush kangaroo but couldn’t make it work.:thinking:

14 Sep '21

Good luck and all the best to you Leo. I do agree that councillors are paid nowhere near enough for the work they are required to do and it’s a shame it has forced you out. Thank you for your contributions not only to the area but also on this website.

14 Sep '21

Thank you @LeoGibbons for all you’ve done and for setting a refreshing example of self awareness in explaining your reasons for stepping away. Wishing you all the best in your next endeavours.

17 Sep '21

Hi all, thanks for your nice comments. I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of messages I have received online from local residents thanking me and wishing me well.

I have certainly received more messages from residents than from colleagues at the Council. Which might say more about my relative popularity among my fellow councillors than anything else! :joy:

I am glad many of you have appreciated that I have engaged here. Most councillors ignore local forums because they can be messy, words can be misconstrued, and you can be seen as putting a target on your back… Wiser figures have suggested it is best to leave them be. Maxims like ‘every proclamation guarantees free ammunition for your enemies’ is a popular one in the Town Hall.

However, I find this forum is a good way to keep people updated and let you know what we’re up. As a representative I also always wanted to be candid and upfront with people, on whatever medium. It doesn’t make good politics, and I am not the most naturally tactful of people, but I am glad some of you found my approach refreshing.

All the best,