Archived on 6/5/2022

Recent moderation

15 Sep '21

Of late there have been a number of unhelpful posts on this site and a handful of people (both members and non-members) have been in touch with their views and concerns. Since clearly all these folks read the site, rather than replying individually, there will be one response here.

Firstly we recognise that a small minority people here don’t like each other. That’s fine, but don’t bring your grievances onto this site and spoil things for everyone else. Going forward members will be temporarily suspended for posting personal attacks, or repeatedly needling and digging at each other in unhelpful ways. Also when personal attacks are posted, they won’t always be moved to #moderator-actions if they are sufficiently inflammatory that they benefit being completely removed from view.

Next up lots of people have asked about certain new members. Yes, we see the same as you, perhaps a little more, and action has been taken. We’re not in the business of making public examples of people though, so don’t generally post about actions taken against members, and also we don’t want to fuel any fires or be interpreted to take sides. We don’t take sides and mainly wish people would grow up and move on.

Finally all of this is quite draining on the team who really have better things to be doing in our limited spare time rather than dealing with these outbursts which seem to boringly repeat every few months. The sense of self-entitlement showed by some is also astounding - no one pays anything to use this site and it is completely free to use as far as we’re aware. Please respect that, and think twice before posting jibes or barbed comments about each other or moderation.

Thank you to the few that have offered encouragement and support to the team, or that do contribute positively to the site. It’s those good people that make the community better and for which we try to keep the site running smoothly.