Archived on 6/5/2022

Woman safety - SE London

22 Sep '21

Just read this horrible story about a poor woman (RIP) murdered by a suspected stranger as she walked home from the primary school she taught at in Catford in Friday night. It is believed she was attacked in Cator Park (Kidbrooke) at around 8.30pm, where her body was found the next morning.

Obviously Kidbrooke is not in the immediate area but given it is within walking distance from SE23, the attack happened in a park at only around 8.30pm, and the murderer is still at large, I thought would post this here so women in the area can take note.

Stay safe everyone

23 Sep '21

24 Sep '21

They have arrrested one man, released another pending more investigations & are looking for another.
Let’s hope this is all resolved ASAP so the poor woman can be put to rest, her family can grieve, & most of all the murders jailed.
The Mayor keeps saying women are safe, but the more attacks that happen, the more it makes you feel unsafe.

24 Sep '21

I wouldn’t believe him if he told me today was Friday.

24 Sep '21

I didn’t know she taught in Catford. That brings a terrible, awful, SE London tragedy even closer to home. Just dreadful.