Archived on 6/5/2022

Daughter desperate to find stolen box of photos of mum

23 Sep '21

DPD supplied a picture of the missing parcel, and though it’s a long shot, it would be great if anyone could keep an eye out on the of chance it’s been ditched somewhere in the neighbourhood:

24 Sep '21

This is on Stondon Park, just off of where I live. I only know as it was also posted on Nextdoor.
Yesterday a young woman had her flat broken into on Stondon Park as well. She has footage of the man in their flat & police are investigating. He apparently took jewellery, clothes & perfume. All things I suppose he thinks he can sell.
He could also be responsible for that poor woman’s box going missing.

25 Sep '21

That’s so sad and so stupid of the DPD driver to leave the box on a main road with hundreds of people walking past during the course of an hour. I’m not surprised it was nicked

25 Sep '21

The thing is though that whoever took it will open it, see the contents are of no worth to them & just empty out wherever they feel like, with no thought whatsoever for the poor woman. They are as thoughtless as DPD, shame on them. I really feel for this woman.
Really DPD should be bought to book for this shouldn’t they. She should be able to make a claim on them for loss of personal & treasured possessions lost through their negligence. But of course sadly this won’t happen will it.