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Need help: need to take a fire door to the third floor

25 Sep '21

Hey all. My first post here and hope not to violate the rules or the format.

I’ll have a carpenter coming in Wednesday morning to replace my front door, however, he is around mid-70s and not able to help to lift the door. We have no lift and I need someone to help me to take upstairs (3rd floor). The door is 75KG plus some additional timbers and tools. I checked Mybuilder and TaskRabbit but nobody was interested in a 30-min job.

I appreciate it if anyone could give me a hand and ofc it’s a paid job. Wednesday morning 07:30
SE23 2BD


25 Sep '21

Hi Furk. I can’t help but might be worth including roughly where you are in case anyone who could help is nearby

25 Sep '21

Just added, thanks!

24 Nov '21

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